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ABBA Was The First Group Approached For 'The Lion King' Soundtrack

July 23, 2019

There's no question that "The Lion King" soundtrack is one of the most iconic and well known soundtracks out there.  

But it could have been quite different if producers at the time were able to book the original talent they wanted for the music.  


Before they had even considered Sir Elton John, ABBA was their first choice due to the fact that they had a bit more experience with broadway-style music that John at the time.  However, some of the production staff wasn't too sure about using ABBA in the beginning.  

“It was a real head scratcher for a lot of us,” said "Lion King" producer Don Hahn. “But they couldn’t do it. There were conflicts — they got a tour or a new album they were working on or something. His next idea was Elton John, which to a degree was also a head scratcher because he hadn’t done a musical before.”  

But of course as we all know, Elton John said yes and the rest is history.  

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