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19-Year-Old To Graduate With A Ph.D At The University Of North Texas

December 13, 2018

Nancy Shastid, mother of Noel Jett, didn't realize how smart her daughter was, until she started kindergarten.

"We'd talk about Elmo at a different level," the mom says. When her daughter was in kindergarten, she was the only student reading chapter books.

As a couple years went by, Noel was tested to see how smart she is. Once she got the results, someone suggested to pull her from public school and start homeschooling. 

"We ended up getting a tutor for her at nine," the mom said. "And she started college-level math at ten."

She also has other talents besides the academic side, including writing, singing and playing the piano. She even wrote and read her poem at the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

At 13, she took classes at Tarrant County College, then moved to College Station to enroll at Texas A&M. She got her B.A. at age 16 and is graduating with her PhD at 19 at UNT. 

Some people just have the talent to do everything. Excellent job Noel!! 


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