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Photo by Art Garcia/Sipa USA

Andrew Lincoln Announces He Will Not Return To 'The Walking Dead' After Season 9

May 29, 2018

Say it isn't so!  It was just announced this week by multiple sources that Andrew Lincoln will be leaving "The Walking Dead" after season 9! 

It's been reported that Lincoln is only slated to appear in 6 episodes of season 9.  Which has us really worried about what's going to happen to Rick Grimes. 

“Andrew is leaving because he’s had enough of it and wants to focus his energy on movies,” said a source close to Lincoln.

“I think there is always going to be a sense of he’s lost all of the most important parts of himself, and yet he has the legacy and gift that Carl gave him that is going to fuel his ambitions for the future,” the source continued.  “He’s got a renewed purpose because of this and because of his son. So it’s absolutely a new man. This is the man who couldn’t see what Deanna saw about the future and still couldn’t see it for a long, long time even throughout all of this and the battle he was hell-bent on vengeance.”

“And now you will meet and find a man — depending on how much time after the events that we just witnessed — that has changed, radically, in ideas and purpose.”

-source via usmagazine.com