How I Got In And Out Of A Dallas-Area DMV In Less Than 15-Minutes

And that time includes a bathroom break.

February 23, 2019

You know that feeling you get when you solve a Rubik's Cube (neither do I: I've never solved one)?  I felt that way yesterday when I got in and out of a Dallas-area DMV in less than 15-minutes.

Specifically, the Department of Motor Vehicles Garland Mega Center at 4445 Saturn Road: where the line at the door was at least 100-deep (and there were about as many people waiting inside: with a number in their hand).

So how the heck did I do this?

Let me start with the specifics.

I needed to renew my license: which I dreaded (I had been spoiled in the past: just paying to renew online, and receiving my license in the mail within two weeks).  This required me to physically visit a Texas DMV location: paying a fee, getting my fingerprints taken, and my vision checked.

After procrastinating for weeks, I had to get it done.  Here's how I did it:

  1. I started by logging on to the DMV's website, and ending up here where I inputted my zip code.
  2. Up popped about 20+ locations to choose from. 
  3. A few clicks later, and finding out my closest locations were booked, I tried the Garland DMV (which was almost an hour away).
  4. After a couple of tries, I was able to nail down a time down that worked for me.
  5. I arrived at exactly my scheduled time.
  6. My feeling of wanting to faint when I saw the huge line of people went away when a friendly DMV representative ushered me past the crowd.
  7. I checked in at a kiosk by using my cell phone number (which I input in the registration process).
  8. Thinking I had a few minutes, I went to the restroom: only to find when I walked out that my number was on the screen.
  9. I sat down with the nice DMV lady, and completed the process within minutes (by the way: she was not sloth-like!).
  10. A little short of the 15-minute mark, I happily walked out of the DMV (trying to ignore the daggers people were throwing at me with their eyes)!

So now you know my secret.

I hope you forget about it before I make my next trip back to the DMV in six years.


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