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Amazon Wants To Take A 3D Scan Of Your Body

May 6, 2018

Its no secret that Amazon wants to know everything about you... Now they want to know the shape and size of your body (its a little less creepy than it sounds)

The retail giant is reportedly inviting people to their New York office to participate in their new 3d body scanning program. Those brave enough to sign up will first take an online survey which asks for information about your diet, fitness and how much your weight has changed over the past year.

Once you show up, they'll scan the shape and size of your body, once every two weeks. The company claims they are interested in "understanding how bodies change shape over time." 

The company hasn't directly said what the end result of the program will be, but many beilve they plan on creating a service which lets customers virtually try on cloths before they buy. This would help customers get cloths that actually fit, and cut down on costly returns.

Via BI