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New Research Finds Companies Should Switch Coffee Breaks For Dance Breaks

June 10, 2019

According to new research, coffee breaks at work just aren't good enough anymore.  

The kind of breaks companies should be offering their employees instead are dance breaks.  

In a new study, scientists discovered that dancing increases cell count in the brain's hippocampus, which happens to be the area responsible for long and short-term memory as well as spatial navigation.

Over a course of 18 months neuroscientists compared two different types of physical activity and what their effects were.  Dance and sport.

Half of the volunteers took part in dance and half did a combination of strength, endurance and flexibility training.

After 18 months, both groups naturally showed an increase in the hippocampus.  However, those who danced benefited from improvements in the right part of the hippocampus.  

Now what does any of thise have to do with work?  Well it turns out that if more employers offered opportunities for their employees to let loose and bust a move, it would create a more positive work environment thanks to all those brain cells being regenerated.  So not only is it healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind.  

Guess that means it's time to start dropping some ideas in that work suggestion box!

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