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Mom Gets Jail Time For Letting Her Child Miss 26 Days Of School

November 30, 2018

Sure Ferris Bueller skipped school once, but who knew missing multiple school days could lead to some jail time. 

A mom in Michigan pleaded guilty to truancy back in May after it was recorded that her 6-year-old had 26 unexcused absences. The school scheduled several meetings to prevent the case from going to court and to understand what was going on, but the mom never showed up to any of the meetings.

In the state of Texas, if a child between the ages of 12-18 misses 10 or more days of school they may be referred to truancy court. 

Once in court, the prosecutor's office delayed the sentencing hearing to give the mother, Brittany Horton a chance to correct the problem and work with the school.  

Horton let her child miss another 14 days of school and was sentenced in November to serve five days in jail. Along with the jail time, Horton was placed on probation for nine months and must pay more than $500 in fines. 

The next time your kids ask if they can skip school, you can tell them that mommy and daddy will go to jail if you don’t go. 

Via: USA Today