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Twelve Year Old From France Sails Boat In Record Time

July 2, 2018

Do you remember what you were doing at 12 years old?  Probably just out playing or riding your bike like most of us, but not Tom Goron.

Tom is a 12 year old sailor from France and just sailed the North Sea on a one person boat in record time.  Starting off from the Isle of Wight and landing in Cherbourg, France, he made the trip in less than 15 hours traveling a total of 60 miles and around 4.19 nautical miles per hour.  And for those of us that don't know how fast that is, it equals up to around 5 miles and hour. 

Of course he didn't do this entirely alone as his father followed and watched nearby from a bigger boat.  

Tom had started sailing around 8 years old and has placed in several copetitions since. 

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