1,000 'Dilly Dilly' Shirts Sent By Bud Light To Georgia After Masters Banned The Phrase

April 5, 2018

This weekend's Masters golf tournament is being hosted by the prestigious golf course Augusta National and apparently the phrase "Dilly Dilly'' is being banned from the tournament by course officials. 

The slogan created by Bud Light went viral after a series of TV commercials that started last year, has become one of the phrases shouted at tournaments after golfers hit their shot.  “Baba Booey!” and “get in the hole!” are also known popular phrases at these tournaments.

However, Augusta is putting their foot down.  Bryce Ritchie of the British golf site Bunkered, reported that security staff have been given a list of banned phrases at the tournament.  The now popular “Dilly Dilly” phrase was among those listed.  Security have been instructed that if they hear anyone shouting the phrase, they are to be "removed".

After Bud Light found out their phrase was being banned from being shouted, the company responded on Twitter saying they will be sending 1,000 shirts to Georgia “in time for the festivities.”

Even if you aren't a big fan of the sport, it still might be fun just to tune in and keep track of who will be out there sporting their "Dilly Dilly" shirts.

-source via wfaa.com