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Keanu Reeves And Winona Ryder Might Actually Be Married

During an interview for their upcoming film "Destination Wedding", Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, realized that they might actually be married in real life. It was Ryder who first made the realization that they “actually got married in ‘Dracula.’ No, I swear to God I think we’re married in real... Read More

Nun Throws Perfect Pitch At Beginning Of White Sox Game

Over the years, there have definitely been a fair share of great first pitches at the beginning of baseball games. But this pitch by Sister Mary Jo Sobieck, might just be our new favorite. Sister Mary Jo was attending the game this weekend as part of Marian Catholic High School night and was... Read More
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6-Year-Old Girl Secretly Buys $350 Worth Of Toys On Amazon

6-year-old Katelyn Lunt spent an entire day doing extra chores around the house, so her mother decided to reward her with a Barbie doll ordered from Amazon. Katelyn asked her mother, Catherine, if she could check her Amazon account and see when the doll would be delivered. Catherine went ahead and... Read More
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Mexico Restaurant Caught Serving Protected Tarantula Tacos

Would you ever consider eating a tarantula taco? A restaurant in Mexico City was offering the exotic dish, serving Mexican red rump tarantulas in a tortilla smothered in guacamole. Save for the tarantula, it sounds like we're on our way to a pretty good taco. The restaurant promoted their tarantula... Read More
Grandma in a Wheelchair

Grandma Rides In The Back Of A Pick Up In Her Wheelchair

Typically when you drive down the highway you see furniture and mattresses in the back of pick up trucks. In this case, it was a little old lady with her hair blowing in the wind. The footage taken shows a woman in a wheelchair riding in the back of a truck, while driving down a road in Tampa,... Read More
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Watch Man Solve Six Rubik's Cubes Underwater In A Single Breath

Vako Marchelashvili, an 18-year-old student in Tbilisi, Georgia, is sitting pretty atop his new Guinness World Record: he just solved six Rubik's Cubes underwater without coming up for air. As you'll see in the video below, he took about 1-minute and 44 seconds to complete the feat. Marchelashvili... Read More