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School Principal Steps Up And Serves Breakfast Due To Staff Shortage

✌--☝------: Twitter, let me introduce you to @NISDMead Principal Lopez. When she learned that the school's cafeteria was going to be short-staffed on Wed., she reported for breakfast time duty & served meals to 400+ @NISD students❤️ STORY➡️ #KSATnews Read More

Chuck E. Cheese Will Now Deliver Their Famous Pizza

If your an adult who loves the pizza from Chuck E. Cheese but doesn't have kids, the best thing ever just has happened. No more waiting to be invited to your little niece or nephew's birthday, Chuck E. Cheese just announced that they will now start delivering pizza. You'll be able to order their... Read More
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2nd Grader's Homework Assignment Goes Viral

It's gotten 300,000 shares on Facebook: and it's easy to understand why. Jen Adams Beason, a teacher out of Louisiana, posted a picture of a letter written by one of her 2nd grade students (she kept the school and student anonymous). The assignment: "Name an invention you don't like." Here's what... Read More
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People Are Baffled About Mysterious "Werewolf" Creature

Believe it or not, I didn't read about this in one of those crazy tabloid newspapers in the checkout line. This seems to be a true story! Take a look at the picture below...what the heck is that thing? Was it shot with a silver bullet? Wildlife officials in rural Montana don't even know. This... Read More

Little Boy Dancing At Field Day Goes Viral

So we're pretty convinced that there is no one around happier than this little boy that school is over! This video posted to Facebook this week by Amber Renee Santana, a teacher at Glenwood Leadership Academy in Evansville, Indiana has gone crazy viral. Since being posted to Facebook, the video has... Read More

Photo Of Mesquite Student's Last Day Of School Goes Viral

A photo of a Mesquite girl's last day of high school as gone viral, and for all the right reasons. Her name is Savannah Inthalangsy of Mesquite’s John Horn High School and graduates this weekend. For the past 4 years, Savannah and her mother had a tradition of taking a selfie together on the first... Read More
The Creation Of Man

Dog & Human Recreate Michelangelo's "The Creation Of Adam"

No offense to Michelangelo, but we could get on board with replacing all the figures in his paintings with dogs! Ladies and gents, allow us to present to you...The Creation of Dog. -- #Imgur A post shared by imgur (@imgur) on Who's a good little pupper?!?!?!?!?! Not to get too critical, but... Read More