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Dallas Republican Men Might Not Pick Up Check On First Date

Whether you're a single Republican or Democrat, chances are you're going to date. The Dallas Observer discovered an interesting theory, though: Dallas Republican men might not pick up the check on the first date. Recently, 400 Dallas residents were surveyed by think of it as an... Read More
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Eight Of Diamonds Revelation Blowing Minds

Get ready for this. You know when you've looked at something a million times throughout your life, notice something you've never seen before? That's about to happen. Plink (@PlinketyPlink on Twitter) pointed out the fact that in the middle of the eight of diamonds, there's an... Read More
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Camel Gets Stranded In Pennsylvania Snowstorm

Imagine driving down a busy Pennsylvania highway in the middle of a snowstorm...when you see a random camel. Sounds like the beginning of a bad 80s movie, doesn't it? That's exactly what happened, though. It turns out the camel's name is Einstein. On the way to an event, his vehicle got stuck: and... Read More
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Man's Ginormous Neck In Mugshot Goes Viral

His name is Charles Dion McDowell. And his neck has gone viral. McDowell was recently arrested in Florida on drug charges. Per procedure, his mugshot was taken and posted online. And, boy, did people notice. Not only did they notice, but they couldn't help but share their own puns related to... Read More
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This Guard Cat Is Better Than A Guard Dog

Lindsay Mills has one heck of a guard cat! Her home security camera recently caught her cat taking on a worthy adversary: a curious racoon that was trying to break into the house through the cat door. Funny enough, neighborhood cats try to come through the door all the time: and he doesn't care... Read More

A New Internet Trend Has People Throwing Cheese At Their Dogs

The internet has done it again! We’ve seen the memes and the dance crazes. There are plenty of cat pictures to go around, but now people are combining dogs and slices of cheese to create glory. People are posting videos of them throwing slices of cheese at their dogs, and the reactions are... Read More