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Not Exercising At All Is Worse Than Being A Smoker, Study Says

According to a study by JAMA Network Open, having a sedentary lifestyle is the deadliest lifestyle to live. The network studied 122,007 patients back in early 1991 and again in late 2014. The doctors recorded these individuals saying that having a lack of cardiovascular fitness has a huge risk... Read More

Pokemon's New Video Game Preview At Klyde Warren Park

On Saturday, Pokemon fans can experience and preview the all new Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas. The new game for the Nintendo Switch will be released on Nov. 16. At the event, you get to experience to play the new game plus giveaways,... Read More
Josh Peck, Miranda Cosgrove and Drake Bell

Miranda Cosgrove And Josh Peck Reunite For A Drake & Josh Reunion

It’s been a while since Miranda Cosgrove reunited with her on-screen brothers. Now we finally get to see Cosgrove with at least one of her Drake & Josh co-stars, thanks to YouTube star David Dobrik. He had been in contact with Josh Peck for some time and recently reached out to Cosgrove about... Read More
Halloween Candy 2018

Most Popular Halloween Candy for 2018

By: Kelly Meyers With Halloween less than a few weeks away, there's a lot to do to get ready, like finding the perfect costume, decorating your house and getting Halloween candy for the trick or treaters. If you want to be the house all the kids in the neighborhood love, you should probably stick... Read More

Self-Driving Shuttle Service Testing Will Be In Arlington

On Friday, the city of Arlington and will launch their on-street testing program for the new self-driving shuttle vans. To those who need to use the shuttles, it can be requested on their kiosks and to those who are looking for the app, it will be launching next week for your smartphones... Read More
Bronze Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue

Someone Outfitted The Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue With A Life Vest

It’s been raining non-stop all over Texas, and we’re all ready for it to end. We like to take care of our own here in Texas. Someone down in Austin just wanted to make sure the bronze statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan was prepared for when the floodgates opened and the water levels rose. The statue was... Read More
school Lunch

High School Students Were Served Kangaroo Meat In Their Chili

Some of us have always wanted to know what was in the mystery meat served in school cafeterias. Well, now we know what this school was serving. One cook has been fired for mixing marsupial meat in with the beef chili that was served to students at a middle school and high school in western Nebraska... Read More
Boston Dynamics

Watch This Robot Bust A Move To Bruno Mars Uptown Funk

Watching people do the robot is pretty cool; watching a robot dance like a person is just a little weird. The engineers at Boston Dynamics have now programmed one of their robots to dance. The team recently posted a video showing SpotMini dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”. They show Spotmini... Read More