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Three Burgers

America Has Named It's Favorite Burger Chain

This burger chain has now been the favorite for two years in a row. Unfortunately Whataburger is not America's favorite burger chain, Harris’s “Burger brand of the year” is Five Guys. According to Harris Poll’s 30th annual EquiTrend study, over 70,000 people and 17 different burger chains including... Read More
Lynx Conversation

Watch 2 Lynxes Have An Argument In The Middle Of The Road

There's a reason why all of our national parks have warning signs about animals. Long story short, they're dangerous! Take this mama moose for example, who really doesn't appreciate mountain bikers getting anywhere near her. Video of Protective mother moose charges cyclist Oh, yeah. That's going to... Read More
Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke's Career Goals Are To Recreate Stock Footage

Without a doubt, Emilia Clarke's career has come a long way since she first starred on TV Show Game of Thrones . She's now starring on movies most notibly Terminator, Me Before You , and most recently starring in the new Hans Solo: A Star Wars Story movie! However, Emilia firmly believes her best... Read More
Marathon Runners

Man Accidentally Runs A Full Marathon Instead Of A Half

Mike Kohler signed up to run his first half-marathon as part of the Sanford Fargo Marathon, but on race day he accidentally ran the full-marathon instead. Grand Forks Herald is reporting that the 26-year-old made the mistake right from the start because he didn't realize that the half-marathon and... Read More
David Bowie, Concert, Singing, Black and White

Jack's Nine @ 9, May 23, 1983

Wednesday, May 23 The year was 1983. On this day, a new home in DFW cost $82,000, and A Dodge Ram Truck cost just 5 grand Nine songs and moments from May 23rd, 1983! U2-New Year's Day Video of New Year's Day - U2 Irene Cara-Flashdance...What A Feeling Video of Flashdance • What a Feeling... Read More
Sunburn, Back, Shoulders

Company Claims Two Gummies A Day Will Protect You From Sunburn

It's not even the end of May, and already we have a 100 degree day on the horizon. Texas, y'all. It's never a bad idea to protect your skin form the sun's harmful rays year round, but now that Summer has decided to arrive early, now more than ever PROTECT YOUR SKIN! While UV clothing and plenty of... Read More