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Teacher Donates Kidney To 12-Year-Old Student

12-year-old Kaden Koebcke was diagnosed with a kidney disease at the age of two. He received his first donated kidney at the age of five, from his father. Unfortunately, it didn't take. "It came back so badly that they had to remove it within five days of them putting it in, so that — that... Read More
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Woman Has Contact Stuck In Eye For 28 Years

A 42-year-old British woman visited her doctor after her left eyelid felt painful and was swollen a little bit. The doctor finds its a cyst, and goes in to remove the beast. As he's operating, inside the blister, the doctor found something....else. 28 years ago, when the British woman was 14-years-... Read More

John Lennon's Killer Fighting For Parole For The 10th Time

Mark David Chapman, the guy who killed John Lennon back in Dec. 8, 1980 is going to fight for parole, AGAIN! Chapman is scheduled to meet with the New York parole board for the 10th time to see if he can get released. Chapman, now 63 years old, is serving a 20 year-to-life sentence in prison. He... Read More
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All-Star Tribute Concert In The Works For Aretha Franklin

After reports surfaced on Monday about the failing health of Aretha Franklin , the music community has sprung into action. Record Executive Clive Davis has put into motion plans for A Tribute To Aretha Franklin to be held on November 14th at Madison Square Garden in New York. The lineup has yet to... Read More
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Watch Celebrities Lip-Sync A Tribute To Taylor Dayne

It’s been thirty years since we were first introduced to Taylor Dayne . The singer scored seven top ten hits in the span of two years, and has sold seventy-five million albums since first leading us to the dance floor in 1988. Some people forget the force that was Taylor Dayne, but the weirdest... Read More

[VIDEO] Old School Math vs New School Math, New Way To Do Math

Video of Frustrated parents want to know 'Why are kids learning math a different way?' Since the school year is almost starting, most parents are getting frustrated with the "new" math. We have been taught the "old school" math and apparently the "new school" math is teaching the... Read More

Girl Scouts Unveil New Cookie To Roster For Next Year

Girl Scouts are revealing a new cookie to their cookie roster to sell next year. The new cookie is called the Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie. It features a "rich caramel, semisweet chocolate chips, and a hint of sea salt." It's gluten-free and is only offered in select areas. The Caramel Chocolate... Read More