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A Sex Doll Business May Be Banned In Houston, But There Is Already One In Dallas

October 3, 2018

Officials in Houston have recently banned a proposed sex doll brothel in their city, but there's been a similar operation in Dallas going on for years.

Bliss Arcade Theater & Club, located on John Carpenter Freeway,​ offers sex dolls for rental.

The club's website says they are currently the only store in Texas where this can be done.

Renting a doll costs an initial $300 deposit and an additional $40 for a private room. The club says as long as the doll is not manhandled or damaged, patrons get their $300 back.

In addition to sex doll rental, Bliss Arcade Theater & Club operates as a swingers nightclub. A review of the club says it has been open since 2009.​

Officials with the city of Houston voted today to not allow allow plans for a proposed sex doll brothel run by a Canadian company to move forward.

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