Walmart Employees Take to Social Media to Show Coronavirus Chaos

March 15, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow, so do the fears of many people who embark on panicked shopping.

Walmart, a major grocery store, was forced to reduce its hours amid the global outbreak, the Daily Mail reported. The chain revealed it would cut hours from its Sunday opening times so employees can clean and restock shelves.

Across the country, many continue to crowd supermarkets making sure they have enough food. Employees at stores voiced their concerns to the Daily Mail about the risk of getting infected and conditions in the crowded stores.

Chains such as Wegmans, Giant, Public, and Harris Teeter are cutting back hours, while Walmart decided to close 24-hour stores at night during the crisis.

Photos surfaced across the internet, showing the long lines in Walmart, as many filled their carts in case they will need to self-isolate due to the virus. The demand for products has forced Walmart to delay its opening hours.

One Twitter user captioned their photo, “Line accompanied by security to get soup at Walmart.”

Another person posted a photo of an armed police officer standing at the toilet paper aisle of a Walmart. The caption read, “Police standing guard for toilet paper line in Walmart. Craziness.”

Many photos showed how the crisis is happening all across the United States. A user showed that there was a line in one Walmart for toilet paper. The user wrote, “There’s a line in Walmart for toilet paper. (line extends around corner for about 3-4 aisles) No clue how long we’re supposed to stay in line. I’ll send updates as I find out.”

Panicked buyers have been clearing out the shelves of stores across the country and fights have even broken out.

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