Dallas County Continues Curfew, Expands Boundaries in Wake of Protests

June 3, 2020

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - The City of Dallas has extended the areas covered by a curfew that was enacted last weekend. The mayor and police chief announced the curfew Sunday.

“These rioters, they have become extremely aggressive, and our enforcement efforts have escalated," said Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall during a news conference Sunday.

Now, the county has added the areas around the Crowley Courts Building, Trinity Groves and additional areas of Uptown Dallas to the borders. Crowds have protested outside the courts building for several nights.

Monday night, Dallas police say about 200 people left that protest and walked onto Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Officers stopped the group as they blocked traffic and approached areas under curfew. The crowd was detained then bused back to the courthouse.

"Yesterday (Tuesday), we were outside the zone, so I allowed people to protest there after 7," says Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. "The city has moved the zone to be much bigger."

Jenkins says people are still able to protest outside the courthouse, but any demonstrations will have to end by 7 p.m. since the area is now within the curfew boundaries set by the City of Dallas.

"We're now inside that zone, so they can protest there. We'll make sure they're protected there, but they will have to conclude by 7 o'clock since they're within the city boundaries, now," he says.

The curfew was adopted for seven days, starting with the first announcement May 31.

"The Dallas Police Department will protect peaceful protesters, residents, and business owners, patrons, and employees; manage traffic; and vigilantly remove or control bricks or anything which may be used to harm people, vandalize or destroy property, or aid in other criminal mischief," the City of Dallas wrote in a statement announcing the larger curfew area.

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