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"Amazon Prime Day" Will Keep Thousands Busy Today In Texas

July 16, 2018

"Amazon Prime Day" will keep thousands of employees busy today in Texas.

Amazon says is expanding "prime day" by six hours, to a total of 36 hours.

Prime Day starts Monday afternoon. Amazon is hoping its deals, available only to Prime members, are a hit with customers as it's raising the price of the program.

Amazon has ten fulfillment centers across Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Haslet and Coppell.

Amazon also has ten thousand employees in Texas and opened a third facility in Coppell earlier this year with 2,500 full-time jobs.

Amazon has said it has more than 100 million paid Prime members worldwide. Four new countries will be part of Prime Day this year: Australia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Singapore.

Prime Day, created by Amazon in 2015 for its 20th anniversary, has inspired other companies like Wayfair to invent their own shopping holidays.

Amazon Prime Day

-Begins at 2 p.m. CT

-Exclusive for Prime members, if not a Prime member sign up for 30-day trial.

-Biggest deals:

-Tech gadgets, specifically Amazon-branded products. Think

 Alexa Smart Speaker, Fire TV Stick & Kindles

         - 40% off selected toys

         - 30% off Amazon Basics like electronics, peripherals

           (chords, etc.), cookware, bedding

-Watch for ‘Lightning Deals’ - deals happening for select period of time       

         -Download Amazon app, sign up for ‘Deal Alerts’ so you get

         alerts when things go on sale & create ‘Watch this deal’ for

         items you may like

-Shop other stores!! Several stores are price-matching Amazon today OR offering BIG deals themselves: Bed Bath & Beyond, J.C. Penny’s, Lowe’s, Jo-Ann Stores, eBay, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s

-PRICE CHECK: go to the website, which will show the price history of just about every Amazon product so you can see if it’s actually a good deal

-Shop Whole Foods: now that Amazon owns Whole Foods, grocery deals will be available for Prime Day