The Moon To Soon Have Mobile Data Network Installed

February 28, 2018
Did you know the most common complaints from astronauts is the terrible wireless service on the moon? Well maybe not, but that isn't stopping Vodafone Germany, who with Nokia and Audi (yes, the carmaker) are planning to install the very first mobile network on the moon.  Vodafone Germany Chief Executive Hannes Ametsreiter told Reuters, "This project involves a radically innovative approach to the development of mobile network infrastructure." Vodafone isn't skimping out on quality, either.  They plan to install a 4G network on the moon, and would install a 5G had that network bene beyond trial and testing stages. The idea is the Moon network will enable high-definition streaming from the moon's surface back to Earth.  This is apparently all part of the long-term project for the first privately funded moon mission. Via Reuters