Chris Hemsworth Becomes #fatheroftheyear

February 28, 2018
How did he achieve this you ask? Well, he shared through and Instagram video how the "brainwashing has begun" on his three children as he sat them all down to watch him in Thor: Ragnarok Though he meant it as a joke of course, he admitted his objective is to finally get to impress his children with all the cool special effects. The story goes that he actually took his children on set with him while filming Thor and they were quite unimpressed. "They were like, 'This is so boring! We thought you fought monsters for a living and you don't. You just pretend, and so we're going to wreck stuff,'" he said. "And that's what they did. They ran around and broke things." Hemsworth then went on to add: "If they see the movie and they see all the special effects, which make me look cool, then I'm the hero. But once they saw behind the curtain, it ruined it."   Via E News