The 'Spice Girls' Will Be Performing At The Royal Wedding

February 27, 2018
The Spice Girls are reuniting! And their first big show is a wedding... but not just any wedding. Mel and the girls will be performing at THE wedding. Mel B went on "The Real" on Tuesday to talk (brag) about getting one of those coveted invites to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And she wasn't the only one worthy of the invitation. In fact, all five Spice Girls are on the guest list. That right there already tells us a lot, but it wasn't good enough for the ladies on "The Real." After pressing Mel for more info she begrudgingly let it slip that, yes, they will be doing a little performance for the royal bride and groom. We heard a ways back that the group would be getting back together for a UK and US tour late this summer. Reports say contracts are already signed, but if you ask Victoria Beckham there's no reunion at all... We do know that all five scary, sporty, baby, ginger, and posh girls have signed back with their producer, so don't listen to Victoria... this is for sure (probably) happening! Check out the clip of Mel spilling the beans above! Via TMZ