Naked Man On ATV Leads Police On Hour-Long, Wrong-Way Highway Chase

February 26, 2018
Police in Kansas City, Missouri were first notified of a "suspicious party" a little before 2:30 Sunday afternoon. The party, who authorities were suspicious of being under the influence of drugs (of course!) turned out to be a naked man...and this naked man was riding an ATV.  In the middle of traffic.  Going the wrong way on the highway.  And did we mention he was completely naked? WARNING!  This video contains some strong language, and a naked man, possibly under the influence of drugs, riding an ATV, so please proceed with caution. Cars along Kansas City's Missouri Route 210 had to swerve to avoid hitting the man, and luckily no serious accidents or injuries were reported following the hour-long chase.  Police eventually apprehended the man with no further incident. Via The Kansas City Star