Another Fort Worth Shop Will Pair Doughnuts With Beer

February 23, 2018
You'll now be able to combine yeast and hops again in DFW come May! FunkyTown Donuts & Drafts is already in Fort Worth's Hospital District: but they're opening another location in FTW's Sundance Square.  You'll have another place to mix your doughnuts with your beer! The new shop won't be very big (does it really need to be?): only about 1,2oo square feet.  But they'll serve mini donuts to match their space! One of their more interesting flavors (which probably does go well with beer): "The Chipper"'s a chocolate glazed doughnut adorned with potato chips.  And for once you won't have to feel left out if you're a vegan or gluten-free: they'll sell those types of doughnuts on Wednesdays and Sundays. Source: GuideLive Follow Jack on FacebookTwitter or Instagram @JACKFMDFW!