Lone Star Beer Plans Release Of Special Edition Cans Celebrating Anniversary Of Texas' Independence

February 22, 2018
Texas Independence Day is coming up on March 2, 2018 and Lone Star Beer is planning to release special edition cans.  The beer cans honor the story of a group of settlers who fought a detachment of Mexican army soldiers near Gonzales during the Texas Revolution. Introducing the "Come and take it" cans! https://twitter.com/LoneStarBeer/status/951559339470307328 “Lone Star Beer is ‘The National Beer of Texas’ and we are always true to our roots,” said Elkin Vasco, Lone Star Beer Brand Manager. “Whether we’re participating in local events, welcoming out-of-towners or helping out our neighbors, everything we do shows our pride in being a true Texas beer. We can’t think of a better way to continue this tradition than by celebrating Texas Independence Day with the iconic ‘Come and Take it’ slogan on our cans.” This edition of beer can will only be available in Texas.  The cans will be available starting March 2. -source via news4sanantonio.com