Jimmy Fallon and Chloe Kim Photobomb Unsuspecting Olympics Fans

February 22, 2018
Snowboarding sensation and gold medalist Chloe Kim joined Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night during the Late Show to have a little fun with some fans. The pair decided to playfully photobomb unsuspecting Olympics fans. The reactions by fans were shock upon seeing Fallon and then joy when they noticed Chloe Kim as well. The pair wore identical hats and Fallon even sported a sandy blonde wig to match Chloe. The two are natural gold medal photobombers! https://twitter.com/FallonTonight/status/966469238490845184 https://twitter.com/chloekimsnow/status/966676870015209479 https://twitter.com/catheb/status/966470607624966146 https://twitter.com/katsterevin/status/966548935677497345 https://twitter.com/catheb/status/966494466046558209 https://twitter.com/TeamUSA/status/966484125422178304