Mark Cuban Fined $600,000 for By NBA for Tanking Comments

February 21, 2018
Mark Cuban's had a tough week. The NBA has fined Cuban $600,000 after comments he made on Sunday night during an interview on Julius Erving's "House Call With Dr. J" podcast. Cuban told Erving that he met with the team for dinner and told them that "losing is our best option" in order to get a better draft pick. The league found Cubans comments "detrimental to the NBA," according to a press release. CBS DFW reports that the Mavs currently hold the spot for the third worst record in the league. This fine comes only a day after Sports Illustrated revealed a report of sexual misconduct inside the Mavs organization. Now former team president Terdema Ussery is accused of of public fondling and propositioning sex to a female employee. A writer for Earl K. Sneed, is accused of hitting an employee that he was dating back in 2014. Sneed has since been fired. Cuban has said that he is embarrassed by the allegations at hand. He has since hired counsel to investigate the claims. The NBA has said that they will closely monitor the investigation.