Local North Texas Resident Kayaks To Work Because Of High Water

February 21, 2018
One local North Texas man wasn't prepared to let rain and high water keep him from getting to work . Johne Ferguson, who would normally drive to his job like most of us, works in Caddo Mills.  But apparently that wasn’t going to be an option this time.  The town in Hunt County had over 4 inches of water in the past two days. So he decided to take his kayak to work. “I told him I needed him here for truck maintenance since we couldn’t go and do our regular job, which is underground utility contracting,” explained Jeff Nelson with JNelson Construction. “He replied with this picture and said, ‘I’m on my way boss.’” Nelson said the 22-year-old is more dedicated to his job than most people normally would be. -source via fox4news.com