Jay-Z's Night Out Results In A Bar Tab Worth Almost $100,000!

February 21, 2018
Life must be pretty good if you're Jay-Z. You're on of the most successful hip-hop artists of all time, coupled with an incredible business acumen.  Beyoncé is your wife.  And you can go out and spend in one night the amount of money it takes years and years for some to earn. Prepare yourself for what you are about to see. Jay-Z was out celebrating the birthday of his close friend and the president of his agency Roc Nation Sports, and along with some Roc Nation executives, first decided to stop for some food.  Jay-Z and his party dined at Zuma in Midtown in Manhattan.  Jay-Z picked up the bill totaling $13,000. Then they headed up to Made in Mexico in Inwood for a couple of drinks.  A couple of drinks to the tune of $9,000, which also included Jay-Z's own Jay’s D’Ussé cognac.  That bill totaled $9,000. Finally, the party, which was now down to six, headed for the nightclub Playroom, where they ordered 40 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne, which is also owned by Jay-Z.  They didn't consume all the bottle themselves though, and were happy to hand out full bottles to nearby tables.  That check came out to an ASTONISHING $91,135, including Jay-Z leaving a $11,000 tip! https://twitter.com/PageSix/status/965737959440953344 Where do we sign up to be Jay-Z? Via Page Six