How Elizabeth Swaney Schemed Her Way Into The Most Average Olympics Performance In History

February 20, 2018
Everybody knows the Olympics joke that resurfaces every time a new game is on the horizon, right?  "We wish there was an average person competing along these athletes to prove just how amazing they are." Well, these Winter Olympics have delivered just that. Meet 33-year-old Elizabeth Swaney.  She only started skiing at the age of 25, and already has competing in the Winter Olympics under her belt.  However, this was her less than stellar run: Plus, here's  a bonus mixtape of her stenuous training regime: Not quite the excitement we've come to expect in the half-pipe.  So how exactly did Swaney qualify?  She raised enough funds through online donations and entered as many events as possible.  With each competition, she persisted with easy runs, making sure to not fall, and sometimes ceasing to perform any sort of trick to make sure she didn't.  Her best finish came at 13th out of 15th at the Secret Garden in China. Swaney just needed to finish in the Top 30 of World Cup Events, which she did, and she's also switched her allegiance a number of times.  She was born and raised in the United States, competed for Venezuela in other winter sports before qualifying to compete for Hungary, via her maternal grandparents, in 2016. So did she really "deserve" to be at the Olympics?  Probably not, but she competed in the events and qualified as every other athlete did.  Swaney isn't affected by any of the negativity hurled towards her way, either.  She told the NY Post, "[People doubting me] actually motivates me to improve more.  I worked really hard to come here and there are only 24 women in the world that could be in this final.  So I use this as motivation.” Swaney finished 24th and last in the qualifying runs, more than 40 points behind the 12th-placed qualifier for the final. Via New York Post