Olympic Skater Turns Heads With a Game of Thrones Inspired Routine

February 17, 2018
That's one way to win over the judges in PyeongChang. Well at least the ones that like Game of Thrones. German figure skater Paul Fentz dawned a unique outfit and preformed to some familiar music. His Game of Thrones inspired routine got the crowd on their feet and cheering. Fentz outfit resembled that of Jamie Lannister, with a gold shield on top of a red leotard and what looks like a piece of red fabric on his right hand. The red fabric is a call back to when Jamie Lannister lost his hand. Though Fentz's routine is fun to watch, he finished in third place in the free skate competition. Check out a clip from his routine below. https://twitter.com/NBCOlympics/status/964675211634372608?ref_src=twsrc%... Source Via: Mashable