Man Says He's A Time Traveler From 2030: Passes Polygraph Test

February 17, 2018
Even though there's no flux capacitor, speeding up to 88 MPH, and no plutonium, "Noah" claims he's from the future.  Specifically, the year 2030.  Even more shocking, he reportedly passed a lie detector test when discussing his predictions about the future. As you see in the video above, Noah (asking that his face be blurred to protect his anonymity) shared his claims on the Apex TV YouTube channel. Here are some of his predictions/revelations:
  • He's actually 50-years-old, but appears to be 25 because he took an “age rejuvenating drug”
  • Trump will be re-elected president
  • Time travel has already been invented, but is being kept secret (but will be made public in 2028)
  • Artificial intelligence will be "huge" in the future
  • Humans will reach Mars in 2028
  • Phones will only get bigger
  • A Google-like device will "take over" within the next 10 years
  • Robots will be introduced that can independently operate a home
  • Someone by the name of Ilana Remikee will be President in 2030
  • He has evidence of all of these things, but can't share them because of "paradoxes"
You can read how iDrop News has debunked most of these claims here. Source: iDrop News Follow Jack on FacebookTwitter or Instagram @JACKFMDFW!