Disney Officially Announces Opening Date for Toy Story Land

February 16, 2018
Disney's latest and long-awaited theme park finally has a opening date! Toy Story Land will be coming to life at Walt Disney World’s Orlando resort on June 30. The park will make attendees feel as if they've shrunk to the size of toys. From a ride dedicated to Slinky the Dog to more than 400 toy blocks filling Andy's backyard, fans will get a chance to experience the popular Pixar movies in real life. This is the second Toy Story Land Disney is opening. The first Toy Story Land actually opened at Hong Kong Disneyland. The park covers 11 acres and will feature  game board pieces and building blocks throughout the park. There is also a ride based on the toy set Andy got from Pizza Planet. As for places to eat, guest can enjoy an old-fashioned soda float and meal at Woody's Lunchbox. More info on attractions and the theme park can be found here. https://twitter.com/WDWToday/status/964495333647683584 https://twitter.com/DisneyParks/status/961299480489463809 https://twitter.com/WaltDisneyWorld/status/964502178894262278