Are You Becoming Your Parents?

February 15, 2018
Ever feel you're slowly-but-surely changing into your parents? Mommyish reports Twitter feels, it's inevitable! The hashtag #SignsYouveBecomeYourParents is trending, and users are sharing moments in which they feel they are morphing into their parents. Feeling like you're becoming your parents generally occurs when moving out or beginning a family. Examples include:
  • @JustLiz65 wrote, “You say, ‘Don’t make me pull this car over.”’
  • @wickedfedora2 wrote, “When you tell someone ‘I'm not mad; just disappointed.’”
  • @Dan081275 wrote, “You look forward to it being 10 p.m. so you can go to sleep.”
What are some signs that you've become your parents?