Lock of George Washington's Hair Discovered in a Book

February 14, 2018
A surprising discovery is making historians everywhere geek out. A lock of George Washington's hair has been discovered in an almanac from 1793 forgotten on a shelf. The leather-bound book was picked by an archivist surveying collections at Union College in New York. The book features rare manuscripts. The six-inch strands of hair were looped together with a thread found in a sealed envelope. Hard to believe the lock went undiscovered for more than a century. Fun fact: despite the well-known hairdo of the first president, it was 100% real and he never wore a wig. He was born a redhead and powdered his hair white, a fashionable color at the time. The envelope containing the lock was originally given to James A. Hamilton, third son of founding father Alexander Hamilton. It was common at the time to give locks of hair as gifts. The lock was eventually handed down to Hamilton's granddaughters Louisa Lee Schuyler and Georgina Schuyler. While DNA test results await, manuscripts and documents dealer, John Reznikoff, says he believes the locks are 100% authentic. “It’s not hugely valuable, maybe two to three thousand dollars for the strands you have, but it’s undoubtedly George Washington.” https://twitter.com/bethanybump/status/963513695035936774