Couple Sells Everything To Buy Boat And Sail The World; Boat Sinks Day 2 Of Voyage

February 14, 2018
Tanner Broadwell and Nikki Walsh sold pretty much everything. The Colorado couple sold almost all of their belongings in order to purchase a 28-foot sailboat with the hopes of sailing it to the Gulf.  Walsh wrote, "My boyfriend and I had planned for a year to buy a sail boat, live on it and sail to the carribean (sic).  Our future plans were to sail the world one day." Well, Mother Nature had plans of her own, because on Day 2, as the couple was making their way through John's Pass off Madeira Beach off the coast of Florida, they hit something, and slowly their boat started to take on water.  Broadwell and Walsh could do nothing but watch as waster rushed into the boat, destroying everything they owned in the world. Broadwell had limited sailing experience, though did sail with his father on the vessel Lagniappe from Alabama to Tarpon Spring.  The couple is currently staying with a family member in Jacksonville to figure out their next move, which according to them so far, is save up enough money to BUY ANOTHER BOAT! Broadwell told CBS47, "It's going to be cool to make it happen after this horrible loss.  Maybe it'll show people they can do it too.  Don’t give up, you know.  It’ll work out.  It brought us even closer together because this is all I have, my family.  The people I love.  You can replace things." The couple has set up a GoFundMe page in order to raise funds to retrieve the boat from the water, as well as to start their life over again. Via Action News Jax