Calvin Klein Makes Guests And Models Walk Across 50,000 Gallons Of Popcorn During Latest Fashion Show

February 14, 2018
Last Thursday, Calvin Klein held a fashion show referencing, of all things, America and Hollywood. Klein, along with designer Raf Simons decided the best way to relay their themes with the gathered audience was by dumping over 50,000 gallons of popcorn onto the floor of Simons' post-apocalyptic barnyard set. Both models and guest had to traverse through the popcorn, which for some, proved to be as annoying as you could probably imagine. Still, some people were able to have fun with it! Michael Bloch, owner of the Rochester-based Popcorn Charlie’s who provided the snack, said it took about three weeks for all the kernels to pop, and surprisingly, it's the first time they've "ever done a fashion show." Via NY Post