The Most Popular Emojis To Be Used On Tinder During Valentine's Day

February 13, 2018
Believe it or not, there's a science to how people use emojis in their text messages.  In fact, people who use emojis tend to have more "fulfilling" relationships, go on more dates, and are two times more likely to get married than non-emoji users. Emojis can also set the tone for a message, since emotions and feelings sometimes can't be expressed through text.  Tinder Sociologist Dr. Jess Carbino told Bustle, "Sometimes continuing a conversation with someone you haven’t met can be a bit daunting.  People tend to have a hard time reading the mood or vibe of the conversation when it’s not in-person, especially since 93 percent of communication is non-verbal.  Emojis are great for adding tone and expressing how you’re feeling when you first start messaging someone." That being said, the top five emojis used on Tinder to be used on Valentine's Day include: 1- The Blushing Smile 2- Hearts 3- LOL 4- The See-No-Evil Monkey 5- The Winking Face Via Bustle Follow JT on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter