Elementary School Principal Offers Cash To Eighth Graders To Stop Fighting

February 13, 2018
Philadelphia's Mitchell Elementary School Principal Stephanie Andrewlevich was fed up. Tired of her school's increased rates of fights among its student body, she decided to take drastic action in the form of a little cash incentive.  She has decided to pay her eighth graders not to fight. If a student makes it all the way to graduation with no physical violence, they will receive $100 cash, and the offer is working pretty well so far.  Only 8% of the student body has been suspended, a vast improvement from the 17% suspended at the same time last year, and the 21% from the year before. According to one student, "not fighting" just feels kind of normal now, and it's no longer even about the money.  If she makes it the whole year, she would give the money to her mother for school supplies. Andrewlevich planned to put up the expected $3,300 payment herself, unless of course a sponsor emerges! Via NY Post