The Sega Genesis Has Its First New Game Twenty Years After Being Discontinued!

February 12, 2018
Over two decades after being discontinued, the Sega Genesis is seeing new life. It was first released as the Sega Mega Drive in Japan in October, 1988, eventually making its way to Europe in 1999 and the United States shortly thereafter.  In the '90s, there were only two options for your video games: the Super Nintendo, and the Sega Genesis. The console still holds a special place in people's hearts, however, so much so that over two decades after being discontinued, we are getting a new Sega Genesis game. Tanglewood comes with a real 16-bit cartridge, that really fits into your Sega Genesis console, and developer Matt Phillips even tried to get an official Sega license for the game.  However, the console no longer has an official process to do so!  Being discontinued for over twenty years might have something to di with that! The game follows Nym, as he tries to get make his way back to his separated pack after the sun sets, encountering various challenges and night terrors along the way.  The game is available for pre-order now! Via Entertainment.IE