Parents are Upset Over a Scene in the New Peter Rabbit Movie

February 12, 2018
That escalated quickly for a kids movie. Parents are not happy after seeing Peter Rabbit over the weekend. A scene in the film depicts talking rabbits taking revenge on a farmer by attacking him with blackberries, which the rabbits know he is allergic to. They cause him to go into anaphylactic shock and force him to use his EpiPen. Parents with kids who have food allergies did not find the scene funny at all, and are calling it allergy bullying. The hashtag #boycotpeterrabbit has been trending all day on Twitter. All the backlash from the film has prompted Sony to write an apology. “Food allergies are a serious issue. Our film should not have made light of Peter Rabbit’s arch-nemesis, Mr. McGregor, being allergic to blackberries, even in a cartoonish, slapstick way. We sincerely regret not being more aware and sensitive to this issue, and we truly apologize.” The Kids with Food Allergies Foundation believe the scene encourages the public not to take food allergens very seriously. According to the foundation about 4.2 million children in the U.S have a food allergy. What do you think? Did the movie poke fun at something that shouldn't be taken lightly, or are parents just over reacting? Source Via: Yahoo Entertainment