Texas Woman Celebrates Divorce By Torching Wedding Dress

February 11, 2018
Just outside Houston in Spring, Texas Briana Barksdale finalized her divorce on January 31st. Over the weekend Barksdale celebrated being divorced by having a garage sale and getting rid of everything that reminds her of now ex husband. The cherry on top was getting to set her wedding dress on fire. A Facebook post was made to help get people out to the garage sale. Barkdale was selling everything from dining sets to PlayStation and Xbox. Nearly everything was sold and friends and neighbors came out to watch the dress go in a blaze of fire. Barksdale tells KHOU "So I joke about, was it worth it? Absolutely. Divorce is expensive, because it’s worth it," Barksdale said. "And so, will I be eating Ramen until I’m 50? Probably. But single Ramen is better than married filet mignon." You can check out the video below of the dress burning at about the 2 minute mark. Source Via: WFAA