Tonga's Shirtless Flag-Bearer Was a Hit Again at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

February 9, 2018
The shirtless flag bearer from Tonga was a hit again at the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony in PyeongChang. Fighting the cold temperatures, the flag bearer wasn't wearing a shirt or socks. The flag bearer, Pita Taufatofua first made his appearance at the opening ceremony for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Footage of Taufatofua went viral shortly after the ceremony. There's a unique story behind this flag bearer though. He was the first athlete from Tonga to compete in the Olympics for taekwondo. This year he's competing for something completely different. In December 2016, Pita announced he was competing in cross country skiing and was hoping to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics. After successfully qualifying, Pita is now the second Tongan to compete in the Winter Olympics. Of course the internet was loving the shirtless oiled-up flag bearer.