Mom Walks off During Son's Signing Ceremony After He Commits to a Different School

February 8, 2018
It's National Signing Day where top high school recruits announcement where they'll be playing football next. The ceremony is a special day as a new chapter begins for many students looking to further their football career. It's also a proud moment for parents who want to be there to witness the next big step. But one signing ceremony in particular didn't go over so well. Recruit Jacob Copeland was deciding between three universities: University of Alabama, University of Tennessee, and University of Florida. Copeland's mother was right next to him wearing a Tennessee beanie and an Alabama sweatshirt, indicating her two preferred choices. The recruit shocked many as he went with the Florida Gators, putting on the bright blue cap. As many clapped and cheered, Copeland's mother almost immediately gathered her things and walked off. Awkward.... Many were stunned by the parent's behavior, and maybe mom was too because she eventually came back to show support for her son's decision.