Corey Feldman CLEARED Of Sexual Battery Allegations

February 6, 2018
A month after the LAPD launched an investigation against Corey Feldman, the '80s icon has been fully cleared of the sexual battery allegations levied against him. Feldman's attorney, Perry Wander, told People in a statement, "After a comprehensive investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office rejected the filing of a criminal complaint against my client Corey Feldman.  The City Attorney’s office agreed with my assessment of the criminal case, and declined to file charges." Last month, a woman filed charges against Feldman stemming from a February 2017 incident, where she claimed the actor and musician grabbed her buttocks, though Feldman immediately denied such claims.  His rep said at the time, Feldman and his attorneys were dealing with "egregious accusations and threats that came from Corey’s former band members after he canceled his tour." This news comes just months after Feldman filed his own report alleging sexual assault with the LAPD, though the case was eventually dropped due to being past the statute of limitations. Via People