This Week Is The Deadline For Bike-Sharing Companies To Clean Up

February 5, 2018
Dallas' five bike-sharing companies are running out of time to clean up their mess. If they don't make serious changes within the week the city will start confiscating bikes they deem to be "hazardous or obstructive." City Manager T.C. Broadnax stated in his letter to the companies last month that, "may be left with no choice but to begin removing bicycles in its rights of way, sidewalks, trails and/or trail heads that are identified as obstructions or hazards." Four out of the five companies have responded to the letter, and the city claims the companies are working with them to clean up the bikes, but the city's senior transportation manager warned that, “If the City continues to receive complaints, and the bike share companies do not comply and address that issue, the City will then remove the bikes identified as causing an obstruction or hazard.” Via NBC DFW