Radio Station Adds Play-By-Play Commentary To Security Footage Of Attempted Carjacking

February 5, 2018
If you've ever thought about stealing a car before...just don't.  It's super illegal, a MAJOR inconvenience, and you might just wind up being humiliated if you're not very good at it. A man tried to break into a car that was in the parking lot of a Seattle radio station, KIRO.  The security footage captured the man bumbling around trying to make his way into the vehicle using a mop of all things.  And the BEST part?  The guy ends up knocking himself unconscious! Of course, the radio station saw the footage, and decided to have a ton of fun at this fella's expense.  They had one of their personalities record some play-by-play of the guy attempting, and failing, to break onto the car.  It's everything we'd hope it'd be! We're still trying to figure out what he was planning climbing the roof and everything! Via Jalopnik