Justin Timberlake's Half Time Show Performance Was Great And Here Is His Playlist

February 4, 2018
The Super Bowl halftime show started what looked like a club inside U.S. Bank Stadium, then comes out singing and doing a dance choreography on the walkway. He sang his new single Filthy, followed by his hits Rock Your Body, Ayo Technology, Sexyback and My Love. He had a band playing Suit & Tie. What I like about his performance, he wasn't on stage the whole time, he was on the field and playing the piano. A very talented Justin Timberlake. He also sang I Would Die 4 U with Prince! Not a hologram, but had his image singing the song. A great performance by Justin Timberlake and a tribute to Prince, lighting up Minneapolis with the color purple. Here is the playlist of what he performed during the halftime show.... FILTHY ROCK YOUR BODY SEXYBACK MY LOVE CRY ME A RIVER AYO TECHNOLOGY SUIT & TIE UNTIL THE END OF TIME I WOULD DIE 4 U FEATURING PRINCE MIRRORS CAN'T STOP THE FEELING   Marco A. Salinas