Justin Timberlake Kept His Promise For Not Using A Hologram For Prince

February 4, 2018
Just to be clear about everything, his halftime performance with Prince was NOT a hologram. JT did reach out to Sheila E. after he tweeted that Prince won't be turned into a hologram. Sheila E. was interviewed and mentioned about the hologram and JT, "Prince had told me... don't let anybody do a hologram of him for religious reasons, so I just posted that if this happened it's kind of messed up and not cool. And then Justin's people reached out to my manager and wanted to talk to me about it and we had a great conversation," she said. "And I felt that it was OK to respond and let the fans know he said great things about Prince and the fans and how important they are. So it was a good conversation." What JT used was a huge banner hanging from the rood of the stadium and had a projector of Prince singing with JT. It was an amazing tribute to Prince and a well done performance by Justin.   Marco A. Salinas Via NBCDFW