Disneyland Had Some Animatronic Character Decapitation Problems This Week

February 3, 2018
In these days of social media, you can't hide anything. Such was the case this past week at Disneyland.  Not one...but two animatronic characters lost their heads.  And, of course, park visitors were there to snap some pictures and take some video. Gaze in horror at a decapitated Ursula (featured in The Little Mermaid ride), and Auctioneer (from Pirates of the Caribbean). https://twitter.com/christier0408/status/957986294394744832 https://twitter.com/dizzzymissy/status/957760440779522048 https://twitter.com/FiBelleFi/status/957736474497179650 https://twitter.com/HOPAJUL/status/957546100570886144 Posted by Hatch Source: Twitter Follow Jack on FacebookTwitter or Instagram @JACKFMDFW!