How Much Do You Think a Superbowl Commercial is Worth?

February 2, 2018
The Super Bowl isn't just about football, or player's/team's statistics. It's well known a ton of people watch the Super Bowl just to see the commercials. This kind of following though is exactly what big time marketers are hoping for when they pay up for a mere :30 second commercial break. According to Advertising Age, the going price for a :30 second break during Super Bowl 50 ranged between $4.6 Million - $5 Million. With so much money on the line, marketing agencies are set to create the biggest 'touchdown' of the game. The challenge lies between being creative enough to catch your attention and make you remember it; but not being too creative that you don't remember or catch the business name/product. To see a list of all of Super Bowl 50 commercials, click here. Last year, according television ratings company Nielson reported 114 million viewers saw the game and it's commercials. They break down further to estimate about 54 million, or 47%, were women.