Hilarious "For Sale" Sign Warns Potential Homeowners Of Unruly Neighbor

January 30, 2018
There are always plenty of factors to consider when purchasing a home. Is the location beneficial to your work and social life?  Is it in a good school district if you're raising little ones?  Are your neighbors jerks or not?  All these things must be considered, and sometimes, the homeowner and real estate agents do their best to hide the less than satisfying qualities of a potential home. One British Columbia man has chosen not to take this route. He wants everyone to know why he's moving, and it all boils down to one reason....his neighbor is a jerk.  Now in the "For Sale" sign he posted outside of his home, he was not so kind as we were by calling him just a "jerk."  He went a little more graphic! The homeowner, Kane Blake, says he's tried, but is tired of the constant harassment he and his family have to endure from this unruly neighbor.  And wouldn't you know it, other neighbors have praised him for the sign, and he's actually received two offers already because of it! Via The Progress