College Students Develops Napkin That Detects If Your Drink Has Been Drugged

January 30, 2018
While studying abroad in 2016, George Washington University student Danya Sherman was drugged and assaulted by someone she considered a close friend. Since then, Sherman has worked to prevent future assaults from happening.  The result of her work? The "KnoNap," a napkin that can detect commonly-used date rape drugs all by putting a drop of liquid on the napkin.  Should it change color, the drink has been spiked. Sherman told FOX 5 in Washington DC, she wanted to create a product that "could be seamlessly incorporated into any social setting.  Napkins are always around alcohol.  They are always in bars and clubs and we’re working to have them integrated into fraternities, social events and social organizations.  They’re also easy to carry around in either a pocket or purse so they’re very portable and can be taken anywhere so if you’re uncomfortable, you’re able to take it out and use it at your own discretion." Sherman hopes to fully launch KnoNap by the end of 2018. Via WSVN