Elon Musk Made $3.5 Million Selling His 'Boring' Flamethrower

January 29, 2018
Elon Musk just made millions from what was basically a joke. His 'Boring Company' famous for hats posted a brand new product on Sunday. Musk joked back in December that if his company sold 50,00 hats that he'd start selling flame throwers, and that's exactly what happened. On Sunday, Musk made his 'Boring' flame thrower available for pre-order for just $500. As you can expect, orders started racking up almost instantly and as of Monday, just 24 hours later Musk reported making $3.5 million from the flame thrower. Honestly, who wouldn't want a flame thrower? Just check out the video above of Musk testing out his newest invention... bet you're seriously considering buying one now, we sure are. Via TMZ