Local Students After Surgery Rant Goes Viral

January 26, 2018
If you ever had your wisdom teeth taken out, then your quite aware of how long the anesthesia lasts. There are plenty of after surgery videos on the web, but this one takes the cake. UNT student Dianne Garcia, was filmed by a friend on the way back from getting her wisdom teeth pulled. After watching the video, you can tell shes a huge Dallas Mavericks fan. Through out the entire video she can be seen talking about the Mavs, how Dirk is so loyal and how wrong Wizards player John Wall is for calling J.J Barea a midget. The video was posted to Facebook and made it all the way back to the Mavs. Garcia received a video message from Barea inviting her out to a game. CBS DFW says Garcia plans to go to Monday nights game and get her jersey autographed. You can check out her rant below.